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Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Archive for January 2018

Sketch of the day number 31

I feel like I’m getting into a groove. I used to draw a lot of shapes like this when I was younger. I really like getting into the detail of blending these organic curves that look like insects, flowers or psychedelic monsters. I’m tempted to spend two days in this drawing but one of the…

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Sketch of the day number 30

Today’s sketch was inspired by a sketch that I did some time ago. I wanted to start drawing a little bit larger than my small SketchBook. So I rummaged around my office and I found a sketchbook that was larger. As is typical fashion I usually get sketchbooks and I draw one or two drawings…

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Sketch of the day number 29

I was watching Star Trek Discovery and thinking of Futurama and decided to draw a wonderful spaceship sort of close-orbiting a planet. How many of you remember a puppet show that was on TV a long long time ago call Super Car?

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Sketch of the day number 28

Had a busy weekend working on electrical outlets in the master bathroom. I almost thought that I would not have enough time to do a sketch today. I did this quick sketch pencil and ink.

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Sketch of the day number 25

Blending color is fun. I’m not even sure what I was trying to draw, but I sure had fun exploring all of the different shades. I intentionally chose colors that I normally use.

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Drawing of the day number 24

I am spending a little bit more time on this drawing. I’m plagiarizing a drawing that I did two days ago. I really like the way that this drawing flows. The theme of thus drawing is playing with the idea of a flower dragon. So I call this drawing a Snapdragon.

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Drawing of the day number 23

This is one of these sketches that I feel like I could have drawn on for another 2 or 3 hours. I call it the flying fire eye. I really started to get into the detail but I ran out of time. I always draw a right before I go to bed.

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Drawing of the day number 22

Another nuclear flower bloom. This is an exploration of color and curly cue shapes. I am drawing in my living room with lighting that is not optimal for my eyes. I draw while watching streaming media with my wife. Drawing in a recliner and not in my office is exciting because I never really know…

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