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Archive for February 2018

Sketch of the day number 59

This is day two of this drawing. I worked on it some this morning for a few hours before work. I like looking back at my work and seeing how it evolves. I worked on it later today and it looks like the strong going to take me 3 days I’m still not finished but…

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Sketch of the day number 53

I was thinking about artistic architectural doodads. You know those things on those old buildings when you look at the tops or the bottoms and you see those things that I call Curly Q’s. Well I decided I was going to draw one of those today and of course I got distracted.

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Sketch of the day number 51

Today I wanted to do another sketch using my phone. I started the sketch off and Adobe Sketch on my phone. Then when I got home I thought I wanted to try using my Wacom pen tablet and my desktop to¬†finish the sketch. One of the things that I found hard is looking at the…

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Sketch of the day number 50

Steaming eyball

So I’m giving digital drawing on my phone and I did try. This time I’m using Adobe Photoshop mix. I like a lot better than Adobe Illustrator draw. I call this drawing the flying eyeball.

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