Sketch of the day number 51

Today I wanted to do another sketch using my phone. I started the sketch off and Adobe Sketch on my phone. Then when I got home I thought I wanted to try using my Wacom pen tablet and my desktop to finish the sketch. One of the things that I found hard is looking at the screen and trying to draw with the tablet and not being able to look where your drawing. So I decided to switch back to drawing this sketch on my phone which is a lot better because drawing with a stylus on the display is so much easier as an artist. So I think I’m going to get a Wacom tablet display.

I found the inspiration for this sketch on my Bing desktop picture for today.  The face is a statue of Buddha that has been overgrown by the roots of a tree.  I titled this sketch Allman brothers budda because when I started working on this sketch during my lunch break I was listening to the Allman Brothers 35-anniversary album recorded live at the Fox Theater in Atlanta in 2004.