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Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Archive for March 2018

Sketch of the day number 85

I’m working on the background still. I am not sure if this is ground is red lava or just hard clay cloth. I started seeing some birds form in the areas underneath the dragons feet. I’m not sure if they’ll actually develop but it is interesting.

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Sketch of the Day number 83

I’m continuing to work on the background an I am toning down the overall image background so that the dragon will pop a little bit more. Tonight I’m listening to Groove Salad by Soma FM on Spotify. Drawing really relaxes me and I really enjoy spending an evening with my headphones on listening to music…

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Sketch of the day number 82

I worked on the background today.  I added some texture to the “rock Tree” on the left.  I also added more definition to the sea of orange marmalade that the dragon is walking on.

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Sketch the day number 81

I consider it a milestone when I get a piece of illustration board completely covered with the base colors. It’s always hard for me to get the colors in the background. I always try not to have the edge of the illustration board form the composition. In this drawing I kind of had the tail…

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