Sketch of the Day number 83

I’m continuing to work on the background an I am toning down the overall image background so that the dragon will pop a little bit more. Tonight I’m listening to Groove Salad by Soma FM on Spotify. Drawing really relaxes me and I really enjoy spending an evening with my headphones on listening to music and playing with colors on illustration board.

Lately, there’s been this trend of adult coloring books. I never really like coloring books as an adult child or as an adult. I do like coloring, however. When I was growing up I always got coloring books and my goal was to color outside the lines. Now as an adult I don’t have lines I color outside everything. And even when I know what I’m drawing halfway through the drawing I try to change it to make it something different just for the heck of it.

I have not used any pencils in the drawing yet.  I am still using the large Prisma Color Sticks.  I want to get the base colors and shapes worked out before I start diving into the deep meditation part of the drawing.  when I start using the color pencils I have the most fun as I get to play and get really crazy with the drawing.