Month April 2018

Sketch of the day number 108

So I’m drawing on the dragon’s tail and I think at this point I really like the drawing. Sometimes it takes me awhile to really like a drawing. When I start off a lot of times I really don’t like…

Sketch of the day number 107

Today was the first time that I’ve used Gamblin Gamsol on a drawing. The color pencils that I use are wax paste. I usually try to smooth them out with the smoother pencil or white pencil. Today I decided to…

Sketch of the day number 105

June 16, 2018 - Working on back waves.
Today I started drawing what looks like an organic leaf or the backbone of a fish. Sometimes the images that I’m drawing look like skeletons or eyes or scales of a fish. I love working with these waves of color.

Sketch of the day number 103

I am starting to dive deep into the coloring underworld. This is the part of the drawing where I start to like what I am creating and I stop thinking about what others will say about this drawing.