Sketch of the day number 108

So I’m drawing on the dragon’s tail and I think at this point I really like the drawing. Sometimes it takes me awhile to really like a drawing. When I start off a lot of times I really don’t like it. This drawing was one of those drawings where I thought I had bit off more than I can chew and I didn’t like the subject matter. I didn’t like the colors and I was really starting to second-guess why I was drawing the dragon of such a big piece of illustration board.  I am finally in the grove and I’m really into it and I don’t want the drawing to end.

You know how when you go to a concert and the performer’s music is really good and you just want the band or the singer to perform forever. That’s what it’s like when I’m drawing a drawing at this point. Right now I’m listening to The Allman Brothers Band the big 35 at the Fox Theater that was recorded and September a 2004. If I had to use a few words to describe my style art it would be free-form rock and roll jazz.