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Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Archive for May 2018

Sketch of the day number 130

May 23, 2018 - finishing the tail

 I am just working a little more detail work that I’m showing in this image. So I am letting my freak flag fly along with my hippie personality out. I’m listening to some vintage cream, Those Were The Days

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Sketch of the day number 127

The foot and toes are finished maybe. The toes kind of got out of control. I started having fun with them but I decided to stop for now because like I said they’re starting to get crazy.

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Sketch of the day number 124

I started drawing a little serpent’s head on the front of the leg. I am getting into the details of shading the bands of color that are floating across the leg. A lot of the ideas for shapes that go through my mind when I draw come from the art deco buildings in Los Angeles where…

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