Month July 2018

Drawing of the day number 152

I bought some really neat bright LED work lights to work in the bathroom. Tonight is the first night that I have these wonderful light setup of of my drawing board. The photographs to look a lot better. I can…

Drawing of the day number 151

I haven’t drawn in a few days. No excuses but I was working on websites. Today I was working on the top front shoulder and I dropped the back leg by adding some shading on it to received into the… Image Test

I am testing using my Google Drive with a public folder to serve images to this blog post.  I am using a website I also installed a plugin that allows for the featured image to be a URL. This…

Drawing of the day number 147

I haven’t worked on this drawing for a few days. I’ve been working on a website. But I finally finished the belly and I’m starting on the top part of the head in the shoulders of the front leg.