Sea Weed Dragon

Drawing All Finished

Today I finished the Sea Weed Dragon drawing.  I started the drawing during the spring of 2018 and now it is the beginning of fall 2018.  The inspiration for the drawing was a sketch that I drew early this year.  This smaller drawing is 8×10 inches and the larger drawing is 20 x 30.

Sea Weed Dragon No. 1
Sea Weed Dragon No. 1

New techniques and smaller pencils

I discovered some new was to create effects using my color pencils on this drawing. For the dar parts of the background, I used Gamsol to blend the wax in the pencil to smooth it out.  I also purchased a set of Prismacolor Verithin pencils.  these Verithin pencils have a smaller filler then the pencils that I normally used.  the sin pencils allowed me to get into more details of this drawing.  I think that having the Verithin pencils lured me into adding more details to this drawing then I had originally planned.  I originally planned to have this drawing finished in June, but I got distracted by the details.