2020 Sketch of the day Number 88: Flamingo

I am always torn between focusing on my limit of using a ballpoint pen do a daily sketch and dragging out a gazillion colored pencils and doing a sketch in color. Each of these daily sketches starts off as a chore, but once I start drawing I dive deep into each subject. When I just use a pen, I am not easily distracted with what color to use, I can just focus on getting the lines in the right spot at the right intensity to convey the object.

In the future, I may make a scan of some of these sketches and color them. For now, the little read sketchbook is monochromatic and my focus is getting the line work right so that the object can revel.

I am really glad to see my progress in getting my “eyes” back. As a graphic artist, I know that if I do not draw from life, I lose my eye’s abilities to capture an image with a quick sketch. I never thought I would rekindle my love of drawing the way that this little book has done. Dorea Hardy gave me this book as a retirement gift and it has been an amazing journey back into the drawing world that I love.