2020 Sketch of the day Number 102: Mohawk

I had fun with this sketch assignment. I finally broke down and used two different colored pens on one sketch. As an artist, I am easily distracted. I wanted to do at least 100 sketches this year before I got lost in the maze of deciding what color medium to use for sketches. The artists in the crowd know what I am talking about.

My mom was a piano teacher and she wanted all three of her kids to play it, so I struggled with playing it and the clarinet and later the drums, but my heart was in art. In music, my mom wanted us to learn the classics before playing popular music or jazz. My brother played jazz and pop music in his band before he passed away.

So with this sketchbook, I wanted to focus on doing drawings that would help m develop my eye for capturing what I saw and putting it on paper with one simple pen. I also wanted to restrict my tendency to draw “off book” and stick to the subject before going all psychedelic which is what I really like to do. If my mom were alive, she would be standing over me telling me to read the music before you start trying to play jazz.

So, this sketch has two significant changes in that I added a little of what I call my psychedelic Peter Max style to the hair and I am using two colored standard ink pens on this sketch.