2020 Sketch of the day Number 112: Cheshire cat

Original Cheshire cat 20200421
Cheshire cat revised 20200422

It rare that I sign a piece of artwork and then rework it. This is a rule that I made up, so it is OK for me to break it.

This is the first time in this 200 page drawing prompt sketchbook that I decided that this entry needed more work. Initially, I just wanted to improve the blue ink work and add some more details to make it pop. then I decided to add my second pen, purple. Then I decided what the heck, this is a Cheshire cat from my favorite book as a child, color the teeth and eyes.

I was wondering when I would get to a point when I would start using my color pencils in this sketchbook. I decided at the start of the year that I would draw 100 sketches before adding any color, and I made it to that goal. My first two-color sketch was Mohawk Number 102. Now that I have broken my self imposed color pencil rule I guess I can relax and enjoy sketching for the rest of this book.