2020 Sketch of the day Number 366 Bones

A Great full Dead New Years Eve

This is the first time that I’ve drawn or sketched every day of the year. I am really glad that my former coworker Dorea Hardy gave me a sketchbook to me when I retired that had a drawing prompt on each page. This first sketchbook with 200 pages gave me the inspiration to draw every day.

After a finished that sketchbook I am installed the Sketch A Day drawing app on my phone that gave a prompt for a drawing every day. These drawing prompts were not always my favourite, but they were like an assignment from a teacher. Sometimes the drawing prompts were not inspiring to me at first but a lot of times I would start to draw and get really inspired by the drawing and I would make a good effort to create a good drawing that I was be proud of.

I will continue to draw everyday in 2021.