2021 Sketch of the day Number 213 Street

The Black Coffee Street Car is Ready For You

Transformation to digital sketching

I am transitioning to creating sketches using digital methods. I am experimenting with several programs and have found that it will take a while to settle into a groove that I like.

I have been transitioning from paper to digital. I have been drawing and decided to post my drawings so folks can watch the transformation. I have been back and forth over the years creating art with a computer and using real media.

Since retiring I decided to really give digital drawing a serious effort. I have owned two Wacom Tablets spanning 25 years. I starting drawing on a Mac II FX with my first Wacom Tablet using Adobe Illustrator 88.

I ditched the Adobe Suite of software a few years ago and decided to use open-source drawing software. I am learning Krita and using it with my computer and Wacom pen tablet, but I really like the Mobile App Paper Draw. I drew with it on my phone at first and then I bought a renewed Samsung Tab 7+. I really feel at home drawing on the tablet and it is easy for me to get my “cartoon” style in a digital form just like paper and color pencils.

I will eventually post all of my sketches that are past due and continue to post regularly. I want to do quick sketches digitally and allow myself to create longer larger drawing projects using traditional methods. I like sketching really fast and I want to keep those digital sketches fresh and fast. When I use traditional media, I want to take my time and just draw. Most of my colored pencils drawings are done on the Illustration board take anywhere from several weeks to a month for so to finish.

You can see my portfolio here: https://launi.graphics/shop/