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Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind


Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

This is an age old question that I have asked this of myself several times in my life.  I do not believe that I have ever written about this aspect of my life before, but I have discussed it with my friends and family a lot. This drawing, Oh My Girl (O Girl 1), was finished in a month.

The drawing was started on September 10, 2010 and I finished it on October 10, 2010. The Landmark Education training that I have taken confirmed my belief that life is a game.  Creating games to motivate my life is what I like to do.  I had not drawn a picture in about two years so I wanted to kick start my artistic brain with some inspiration.  I said that I was going to draw a picture in one month.  Now I needed something to draw.

Usually I do not have a problem coming up with ideas for a drawing.  I am one of those artist that creates art with an improvisational style.  I call my type of art Colored Acid Jazz. My brain has always run a muck when I stare up at clouds in the sky or get lost in a marble tile floor.  My imagination makes images out of random patterns based on what is going through my mind at the moment.  My artistic motto is ‘

I can not draw a straight line’. Even when I use a ruler to draw I eventually deviate so far away from the original goal that it even amazes me. Sometimes getting side tracked is not a good thing, but when I am drawing it is when I have the most fun and freedom.

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