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Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Art News Image Test

I am testing using my Google Drive with a public folder to serve images to this blog post.  I am using a website I also installed a plugin that allows for the featured image to be a URL. This may help me to get this website to back up using SnapShot wand the limited…

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Website Evolution

Ground Hog Daze

Evolution always takes time, but the basic DNA is always the same. I have evolved as an artist over the years and so has my personal website. My first website was built using notepad on a Windows NT computer and served up to the Internet from my home via a DSL line on a Linux…

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Why do artist draw?

Why does an artist draw? This is an age-old question. I have asked this of myself several times in my life. I do not believe that I have ever written about this aspect of my life before. I have discussed it with my friends and family a lot. I just finished a drawing that took…

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