Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Drawings, Sketches and Doodles

Ideas come from various sources for new art projects.

These are thumbnails of the current drawing that I am creating.  I like to take pictures after each work session so that I can see the progress over time.

Sketches are completed works done using various mediums on small media.  I experiment with drawing on a handheld device using Adobe digital drawing software or small sketchpads.

Sketch of the day number 3

By launi | 01/03/2018

Today I am still on vacation for the holidays. I have a little bit more time to devote to drawing when I’m not at work. I started off with a pencil sketch and then decided to drag out some felt pens that I had not used in over a year. Once I was done with…

Sketch of the day number 2

By launi | 01/02/2018

I’m taking on a new challenge by an artist Madelyn Rivera Carter. The challenge is to do a drawing Every Day in 2018. She based this challenge on the fact that drawing like exercise needs to be done regularly. I didn’t do a lot of drawing in 2017. This is my second sketch for 2018.

Sketch of the day number 1

By launi | 01/01/2018

#PaperOne I am starting the new year with the goal of doing a sketch everyday. Most of the time my drawings have been and color on illustration board. I want to do more quick short sketches to just get some ideas out for play more elaborate color drawings. I did this illustration using a drawing…


My mind will wander and drift through my pen and doodle during meetings.  here are some of my doodles that I make while taking notes.