Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Drawings, Sketches and Doodles

Ideas come from various sources for new art projects.

These are thumbnails of the current drawing that I am creating.  I like to take pictures after each work session so that I can see the progress over time.

Sketches are completed works done using various mediums on small media.  I experiment with drawing on a handheld device using Adobe digital drawing software or small sketchpads.

Sketch of the day number 84

By launi | 03/25/2018

Decided to draw a scene from the Northwest for memory.

Sketch of the day number 78

By launi | 03/19/2018

Finish this drawing today. I had fun while I was drawing it because I was listening to John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra along with other rock jazz musicians.

Sketch of the day number 75

By launi | 03/16/2018

Making an attempt at sketching the teapot doesn’t look too good for the first try. I know I’m going to drive it again sometime.

Sketch of the day number 74

By launi | 03/15/2018

I started this drawing yesterday and I finished it up today. I really like trying flower-like shapes. Most of the artwork that I produce rarely have any straight lines in it and everything is organic and curvey. I had fun drawing this sketch.

Sketch of the day number 72

By launi | 03/13/2018

I felt like drawing some spaceships and I got a maintenance guy out there and it looks like he’s doing a wax job.

Sketch of the day number 71

By launi | 03/12/2018

I really like being able to draw very quickly. For me, a sketch should take only about 45 minutes or less. Sometimes I get bogged down in an idea and then I beat it to death and I don’t really like it. Today when I started drawing I knew that I had about a half…


My mind will wander and drift through my pen and doodle during meetings.  here are some of my doodles that I make while taking notes.