Creating objects of fine art from the wild visions in my mind

Drawings, Sketches and Doodles

Ideas come from various sources for new art projects.

These are thumbnails of the current drawing that I am creating.  I like to take pictures after each work session so that I can see the progress over time.

Sketches are completed works done using various mediums on small media.  I experiment with drawing on a handheld device using Adobe digital drawing software or small sketchpads.

Sketch of the day number 70

By launi | 03/11/2018

I was using my framing hammer today as I worked on the master bathroom fan motor in my attic. I guess I was thinking of the large metal shaft hammer tonight as I started my sketch.

Sketch of the day number 69

By launi | 03/10/2018

I used to go to the flower market in Los Angeles every day to pick up flowers. I used to do floral arrangements. I really like drawing flowers.

Sketch of the day number 68

By launi | 03/09/2018

So I decided to do a digital painting and explore some of the different brushes that are in Adobe sketch. I was drawing this little sketch while I was watching my favorite Netflix series, Jessica Jones season 2. I like exploring flowers and pastels so that’s what the sketch is all about.

Sketch of the day number 67

By launi | 03/08/2018

Some sad Roman or Grecian god gazing up into the heavens wondering what the heck he’s doing in this abstract artwork

Sketch of the day number 65

By launi | 03/06/2018

I really enjoyed developing more skills and knowledge of how to use Adobe Sketch while working on this drawing. Drawing on a phone is very challenging. Normally when I draw on a sketch pad or illustration board I have a wide space that I rest my hand on as I draw. When I work on…

Sketch of the day number 63

By launi | 03/04/2018

I decided to finish this drawing today. I am starting to get a better feel for how to draw with Adobe Sketch. One of the things that I like about drawing with Adobe sketch is that it has a real natural feel for painting. I haven’t painted a lot of pictures in the last few…


My mind will wander and drift through my pen and doodle during meetings.  here are some of my doodles that I make while taking notes.